Izzy’s kittens were born 2/10/21 & all are doing great in their new homes!

Pippa’s kittens were born 3/25/21

All kittens are spoken for

Izzy had her babies
2 males & 1 female
All are doing really well
not even a day old yet!
3 days old & really growing
Izzy is the best mom!
We’re 3 wks old & gorgeous!
I’m Alexis & a blue point
I’m David & a seal point
I’m Mutt & a chocolate point
We’re 4 wks old & really developing our personalities.
Boy have we all grown!
We’re 5 wks old now
I’m Alexis & I keep right up with my brothers .
I’m Mutt & love to play.
I’m David & love to snuggle.
We’re 7 wks old & full of energy
Alexis is getting prettier by the day
Mutt loves to play
David loves to explore
We’re 8 weeks old & love to climb

We’re 12 weeks old & ready to go to our new homes

Pippa’s first litter
Pippa almost ready to give birth
Pippa’s first litter at 1 day old!
6 wonderful kittens.
4 males & 2 females.
She’s a fantastic new mom.
2 days old & getting stronger.
3 days old & really growing.
look closely & you can see our color points
starting around our ears.
We’re 2 weeks old now & growing everyday
we’re learning to walk & getting stronger too
I’m Percy – male, lilac point & 6 wks old.
I’m Phoenix – male, seal point & 6 weeks old.
I’m Draco – make, seal point & 6 wks old.
I’m Cassie – female, lilac point & 6 weeks old
I’m Orion – male, blue point & 6 weeks old
Carina – female, seal point & 6 weeks old.
We have really grown up! We eat in real bowls now!
Aunt Lily is supervising the playing on the stairs.
They’re 8 wks old & all over the house!
Phoenix – a handsome seal male
at 11 wks old
Orion – blue male. Mr personality
Cassie beautiful lilac female
11 wks old
Percy – wonderful lilac male
Carina – loves to chase toys
Seal female 11 wks old