Izzy’s first litter was born on Friday 5/15
2 males & 2 females
Mom & babies are all doing well

All of Izzy’s kittens are spoken for
1 day old
Izzy’s loves to hold them close
All chowing down
so much fun to watch
I’m starting to show my points
Snuggling is one of our favorite things to do.
Now we hear you when you come to play with us
Izzy always stays close & keeps an arm or leg over them
Addie is starting to play & loves her belly tickled
Addie is almost 4 wks old lilac female
Tessa is a dark blue like her dad, Mickey
Ace is a lilac male
Alex is a lilac male
Ace loves to snuggle
Tessa loves to run & jump over her brothers & sister
Addie has the softest coat
Ace can squeeze into tight places
Look we are 6 weeks old! Addie
Alex – 6weeks
Ace – 6 wks
Tessa – 6wks
8 wks & always ready to play
so tired after all that playing
Alex so handsome at 9wks
Ace just as handsome at 9 wks
Tessa so cute & wants to keep up with the boys
Addie beautiful & confident at 9 wks