Pippa & Ayden’s first litter together

Born September 14, 2022

6 kittens – 4 males & 2 females

All kittens are already spoken for.

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All kittens are doing well

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We are 2 wks old & growing fast.

We are all starting to walk & explore!

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It’s hard to believe they’re 6 wks old!

Jam is the spitting image of his dad at this age!

Seal point male

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Apple is a beautiful blue point female

She will be added to our breeding program

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Coco is a seal male that loves people & to play

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Pumpkin is a seal female

She loves to sit in your lap

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Squash is a seal point male

He’s a sweet playful boy

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Cider is a seal male

He is independent & loves to explore

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I couldn’t resist taking this, all tuckered out

Addie & Merlin’s litter

All our kittens are already spoken for.

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Addie & Merlin’s first litter together

Born 10/8/22

5 kittens, 4 males & 1 female

All are doing well

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They like to pile up already

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4 weeks old & growing fast