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Pippa & Mickey’s new litter

born March 23,2022

4 males & 2 females. All are doing great!

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Look how much we have grown in a week!

Addie & Pye’s kittens, born January 25, 2022

Addie has 5 beautiful new kittens.

They had a rough start, c-section but all are doing well

All Addie’s kittens are already spoken for.
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Kittens are 2 wks old today.
4 males & 1 female
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Fancy is 5wks old & gorgeous! She has the personality too! Fancy is a long haired lilac point .

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Sky is 5 wks old & is a sweet as could be. He loves to sit in your lap already. Sky is a male lilac point.
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Ritzy is 5 wks old & loves to play. He is a dark seal point.
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Posh is 5 wks old & the biggest. He is a chocolate point.
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Deluxe is 5 wks old & one of the first ones to run out & greet you. He is a seal point.

Izzy is the proud mother of 3 females

All her kittens are already spoken for.

I have a waiting list for my kittens.

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Izzy x Bucky
born 12/6/2021
3 females
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We’re 2 wks old & really growing
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so soft & cuddly
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scratch my belly again
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Look how much we have grown!