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Wiskrs on the Bay Anna Maria of Applecat Acres

  • Chocolate Point
  • DOB:  10/2014
  • Billy X Nefertiti

We are happy to announce that Judy Heberlig of Applecat Acres has graciously lent us Anne to add to our breeding females. Anne is a sweet, loving cat. She has adjusted well to our home. She has been playing with her daughter, Izzy.

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Applecat Acres Lady Isabella of Dilworthtown

  • Chocolate Point
  • DOB:  2/2019
  • Darby x Anne

Izzy is growing into a beautiful cat. She is always searching for the next play toy. Look for Izzy’s first litter, spring of 2020.

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Applecat Acres Emma (Retired)

  • Seal Point
  • DOB:  1/2014
  • Jimmy X Megan

Emma is a very caring mom that produces kittens with loving & outgoing personalities.

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Dilworthtown’s Water Lily   (Retired)

  • Seal point
  • DOB  5/2015
  • Billy X Emma

A wonderful, affectionate personality. Lily is in your lap as soon as you sit down.

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Dilworthtown’s Precious Miracle (Retired)

Chocolate Point
DOB: 6/2017
Darby x Lily

Mira is very affectionate & sociable.
Loves to be with people